MUSIC LICENSING: With multiple studios across the globe, dozens of producers, musicians, composers, singers and lyricists, we create custom songs for films, trailers, television, commercials, corporate, video games, and event usage. We also have a massive song library that spans numerous genres that can be tailored in any way to fit your specific usage.

SONIC BRANDING: We immense ourself into your brand identity, culture of demographic, as well as implement marketing and media resources to create a musical encapsulation of the essence of your brand.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Music production is at the heart of the process when it comes to musical translation of an idea. Whether it’s a full album, an EP, a single, or a library, we do full music production services at one of our in-house studios. From arranging and recording to post production mixing and mastering, we can handle it all from A to Z.

MUSIC SUPERVISION: We offer a creatively focused music campaign for all marketing, branding, and entertainment usages. From stylized orchestral scores to anthemic electro-pop, we cater our approach to enhance the body of the project at large.

INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS: Our intention is to engage in all aspects of the musical world and enhance these experiences with the discipline, knowledge, and application that we as a collective have initiated in numerous ways. We partner with innovative collaborators that are looking to create branded experiences that have music at the core of their concept.